What kind of oil for deep fryer

What kind of Oil for Deep Fryer

If you are going to purchase a deep fryer or have already purchased it a while ago, then you must be wondering, what kind of oil for deep fryer? This is natural, since we have a wide verity of cooking oil available in the market and every manufacture claims its oil to be the best for cooking. Due to lack of knowledge related to the cooking oil, common people feel lost while shopping for the cooking oil.

Deciding what kind of oil for deep fryer is not so difficult if you know the basic characteristics of oil you are picking for frying. These characteristics are;

  • Smoke Point

Smoke Point of the oil is the temperature at which any cooking oil starts to break down and losing its nutrition values during heating. When oil reaches its smoke point, it starts to produce smoke and unpleasant smell right away. If you further increase the temperature then the oil may start catching fire, and that can be very dangerous if not dealt properly. The higher the smoke point, the better the oil will be for deep frying.

  • Natural Flavor

Cooking oil like ‘Olive Oil’ is famous for its strong and distinctive flavor. When we cook any food in olive oil, the food naturally gets that strong flavor. People do not like their fried food to lose their own flavor. Therefore, cooking oils with no or marginal flavors are good options for frying.

Experts agree that the best oil to use in deep fryer is the ‘Peanut Oil’. Some people may argue that ‘Canola oil’ is also good choice for frying. While, both peanut and canola oils are good options to use in a deep fryer, there are other options available as well to use as alternatives. Soybean, Corn or Coconut oils are among the alternative oils that can be used in a deep fryer.

Now we will evaluate the oils we have discussed on the basis of their smoke points and natural flavors.

Can you use Peanut Oil in a deep fryer?

Peanut oil has smoke point at 450°F, which makes it the best cooking oil to use in deep fryer. In addition to high smoke point, the peanut oil is much healthier option as compared to other fats heaving oils.

Can you use Canola Oil in a deep fryer?

Canola oil has smoke point at 400°F, which make it good alternative for peanut oil for deep frying. It is not only affordable but also widely available as compared to other frying oils. You will find this oil using in most of the daily cooking.

Can you use Coconut Oil in a deep fryer?

Coconut Oil has smoke point at 450°F, that put it in line with peanut oil in terms of high temperature frying leverage, but its strong tropical scent is the biggest downside of using it in a deep fryer. It also starts turning into solid state on moderate room temperature, that will become problematic when our fried food is kept for 4-5 hours before serving.

Can you use Soybean Oil in a deep fryer?

Soybean Oil has smoke point at 453°F, which put it in line with peanut oil. In addition to high smoke point, it is also widely used oil in everyday cooking. Soybean oil is a drying oil, due to which it starts becoming thicken or harden when it is exposed to the air. This thickening behavior put it to disadvantage as compared to other cooking oils around.

Can you use Corn Oil in a deep fryer?

Corn oil has smoke point at 450°F, which is suitable for high temperature deep frying. Corn oil is rich in omega-6 fats, which has some health benefits as well, but excess of omega-6 fats can be harmful in longer run. Since we reuse the oil in deep fryer for longer period then it will not be a wise choice to use this oil for deep frying. If we plan to use the oil for single batch frying, then it can be used in deep fryer.

Can you use Vegetable Oil in a deep fryer?

Although vegetable oils are healthier choice in day to day cooking, but their higher polyunsaturated fatty acids make them unsuitable for deep frying. In addition to this, some vegetable oils have strong flavors and drying capability that makes them non popular choice for deep frying.

Tips for using Oil in a deep fryer

  • Avoid mixing two types of oil in a deep dryer. This will result in unstable frying conditions and change in the appearance or flavor of the meal.
  • Do not add fresh oil to the used oil in the fryer.
  • Make sure to change oil regularly to maintain optimum frying and flavor quality.
  • Make sure to follow the instructions written on the package of the cooking oil to get the best out of them while frying.

Tips for changing or filtering the oil

  • If you used the oil only for frying the French fries, then it can be used 10 to 12 times before changing. Make sure to filter the oil after each use.
  • Oil used for food that is high in protein (such as meat or fish) should be changed more frequently to get optimum flavors from the food.
  • In order to filter the oil, make sure that the oil is not in hot state. If you have just finished frying the food, then allow the oil to cool down completely. It may take 4 to 5 hours to come down to comfortable level. You can use cheesecloth or paper towel as a filter to strain the oil.
  • Always change the oil when it has developed a strong smell or taste. Dark and/or syrupy oils should be changed immediately.


We would recommend you to use either peanut or canola oil in the deep fryer due to their high smoke point and flavorless taste. You should always go for the highest quality of oil available for frying, whether it be vegetable or any other cooking oil. We do not recommend frying foods in butter, margarine or animal fat because of their low temperature smoke point. These are only good for low temperature frying and adding flavors to the food.

Happy Frying!