My House Smells Like Deep Fryer

My House Smells Like Deep Fryer

my house smells like deep fryerHello Foodies!

We all love to cook and fry difference dishes all the time but that lingering odor that last in our kitchen and house after we fry fish or chicken in our deep fryer doesn’t go out easily. Leaving us wonder why My House Smells Like Deep Fryer.

Today, we are sharing simple tips that you can use in your kitchen to effectively remove all the frying odors and keep your house and kitchen smell fresh and clean. Always!

Tip #1: Keep an Eye on Oil Splatters:

Always wipe away oil splatters or splash that can occur after cooking. If not quickly and regularly treated, this causes grease build up and as a result, stubborn odors may linger. This is a stale and un fresh smell, that is very unpleasant. This simple step is often overlooked and can cause build up of odors over time.

A clean spray with bleach helps to cut through grease easily. Don’t forget to wipe under the kitchen cabinets and places that are not in plain sight like corners and hard to reach areas. Also clean your stove and the cast iron stove grates regularly. Don’t forget to keep the burners grease free as well.

Tip # 2: Ventilate the Kitchen:

Air Out your kitchen and living spaces. Whenever possible, keep windows open and spaces, ventilated while cooking. This ensures that the cooking odor don’t stay trapped inside the kitchen and home.

Tip # 3: Use Coffee:

Our favorite method – We have been using this for years to effectively remove cooking smells like the lingering fried fish or chicken smell or curry smell. That is using, Coffee Beans, ground or instant coffee.

  • Heat a small cast iron pan till it becomes very hot.
  • Sprinkle the coffee over the pan.
  • Pour a small amount of water over the pan. This instant steam absorbs bad odors as well as spreading the coffee aroma through the kitchen and home, which is far more pleasant.
  • Walk around the house with the hot pan to remove cooking odors. Keep the pan swirling so that the coffee water touches the hot area of the pan and continuously releasing this coffee steam.
  • When the pan loses heat, simply heat the pan again and repeat the process. Instant coffee does seem to splatter more than the ground coffee immediately after the water is poured over the pan. Simply wipe away with cloth to prevent stains on counters. Be careful while walking in the house as the splattering coffee can stain your fabrics or furniture sheet.

Tip # 4: Remove Raw Fish Odor from Hands:

Remove Fish odors from your hands after cleaning and handling raw fish. Cook some rice. Before you cook the rice, soak rice in some water for 10 minutes. Then use your hands to rub scrub the grains in the water. This will remove around 80% of all fishy odors. It will be more effective if you use brown rice.

Tip # 5: Clean Your Cutting Boards:

To refresh your wooden cutting boards and get rid of sliced onion smells etc. whenever you have left over lemon after cooking or making lemonade. Reserve those peels along with some juice and pulps and rub them into your chopping boards and sprinkle salt all over. Allow to absorb for 5 minutes and then rise with water.

So, these are all effective and simple methods that you can use in your kitchen regularly to avoid getting cooking smell specially after frying. We hope that they are helpful to you. If you have any other kitchen tips and cleaning methods, please include them in the comment section for us. We will make them part of this, My House Smells Like Deep Fryer, article.