How to use a deep fryer

How to use a Deep Fryer – Beginners Guide

Deep fryers are very popular among foodies, specially for fried chicken. Although the manufactures have evolved deep fryer into quite easy to use appliance, but still people wonder how to use deep fryer when they use it for the first time. As most of the deep fryers are electrical appliance, people always tend to know the safety precautions in order to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or any oil related injury.

This step by step beginners guide will help you understanding how to use a deep fryer. Following these steps, you will find the it very easy to use.

Deep Fryer - Parts and Features

Following are the common parts found in any of the deep fryer. We will recommend you to read the user guide of your fryer to better understand the features available in that model.


The lid is found on the top of deep fryer. Majority of the fryer models provide ability to remove the lid when needed. Usually, it is detached to clean the deep fryer

Frying Basket(s)

It measures between 1 to 3, depending upon your model of the fryer. In some models, there is one large frying basket as well in order to fry food in bulk quantity.

Heating Element Assembly

This is the most sensitive part of the deep fryer. If there is any damage to the heating element assembly then there are chances that it is not repairable. So, you need to take extra care handling the heating element assembly.

Removeable Oil Pot

It is the basin that contains oil in the fryer.

Magnetic Cord Assembly

It often comes as detachable so if anyone pull the wire or get tripped over then it is detached from the deep fryer instead of pulling the frying along.

Timer and Thermostat Control

Most deep fryers feature Timer Dial, Adjustable Thermostat, Power and Ready light at the top side of the fryer. The Ready light turns on when the oil reaches its optimum frying temperature.

Assemble the Fryer

First, place the base of your deep fryer on a flat and stable surface. Now, insert oil pot into the base of it.

Next step is to place the heating element inside the fryer. You will have to align the grooves of heating element assembly with the grooves present of the base of fryer.

Now, push the heating element assembly downwards to connect it to the base. Make sure that the heating assembly is properly installed to the base of deep fryer, otherwise the heater will not turn on.

Assemble the handles of the frying basket now. You will have to squeeze the tines of handle together, so that they are aligned with the round holes present on metal bracket inside the basket.

Release the tines so that they are spread and attached properly to the metal bracket. Make sure to pull handle back to lock state into metal bracket. If you want, you put the fryer in assembled state before you start frying then you can rotate the handles into the basket. This will enable you to place back the baskets in the fryer and close the lid for storage.

Now, align the vent cover and its lid toward heating element assembly. If you place the lid correctly then it will snap into place in no time. Try adjusting the alignment of the lid if it is causing your trouble during the placement.

Clean Before First Use

Now you have successfully assembled the fryer together, its good idea to clean the deep fryer thoroughly with a damp cloth. Make sure that the deep fryer is dried before turning it on for frying.

Check Min. and Max. Oil Markers

The oil pot of deep fryers has two-line markers. The one on the lower side of the oil pot is for the minimum amount of oil required for frying. Don’t under fill your fryer as it may damage the heating element assembly of your fryer.

The line marker on the upper side of oil pot is for maximum oil required for deep frying. Never fill oil above maximum marker, otherwise you may risk hot oil splattering during the frying. If your deep fryer doesn’t have any marker for minimum and maximum oil requirement then just fill it up to the half pot size.

Do not turn-on the deep fryer without any oil in the oil tank, otherwise it will exceed its temperature limit and may cause malfunctioning.

Deep Frying You Food

Prepare your food for frying and remove the moisture as much from food as possible. Do not add water or ice to the oil during or before the frying.

Preparing Deep Fryer:

  1. Place your assembled fryer on a stable and heat-resistant surface. Make sure that the deep fryer is out of reach of children. Lift the lid of deep fryer to open. Some fryers may have a push button to open the lid.
  2. Remove basket(s) from fryer.
  3. Fill the fryer with required amount of oil for your frying. Make sure that the fryer is not under or over fill to avoid inconvenient.
  4. Now, attach the wire to the fryer socket. The magnetic end of the wire will only go in one way. You have to be very careful when the cord is plugged in to the deep fryer. Avoid disturbing the wire when it is plugging into electrical outlet. These cords have low magnetic force, that allows the cord to “break away” when it experiences any pull force. This keeps the deep fryer from accidentally pulled off from its place
  5. Now put down the lid on its place and power on the fryer. Set the thermostat to your desired frying temperature. Leave you fryer for preheat until READY light turns on. It usually takes 10 to 15 minutes for cold oil to reach its desired cooking temperature. You can also check temperature section of your user guide for more information. READY light will turn on when oil will reach its defined temperature on the thermostat.

Let the frying began:

  1. Open the lid carefully. Be careful while doing this as the steam coming out from the fryer may cause burns to you hand or fingers. Use kitchen gloves while opening or closing the lid during frying process
  2. If you are frying un battered food then you can put the food in the frying basket before putting the basket in to the oil. Otherwise, to fry battered food, you will have to lower basket into oil first and then carefully put food directly into the hot oil. Never put too much amount of food for frying in one batch otherwise the temperature of the oil will drop quickly and may result in change in the outcome of your deep-fried food.
  3. Put down the basket(s) in the fryer carefully. Close the lid. Do not operate the deep fryer without oil in pot or it will exceed temperature limit and may cause malfunctioning
  4. Keep eye on your food when it is frying. When you are done with the frying, open the lid carefully and raise the frying basket(s). Place the basket(s) using the hook over the oil pot to drain excess oil from the food. Make sure that the condensation does not drop into oil pot while opening the lid.
  5. Take the food out from the basket carefully and place in a bowl or tray. You can line them with paper towel to absorb the remaining oil from the surface of food.

Use Deep Fryer in multiple batches:

  1. Wait till the READY light turns on again. Put the uncooked food back in the frying basket and repeat the process until you finish cooking your entire food.
  2. Turn off the power switch. Set the thermostat of deep fryer to Min. temperature and unplug it after use. The temperature of the oil inside the deep fryer may take 3 to 4 hours to become normal so wait patiently before moving the fryer from its place.


As you have built you understanding about how to use a deep fryer, we are sure that you have developed confidence for operating them independently. After using the deep fryer for 3 to 4 times for cooking, you will feel the need of cleaning the fryer. We would recommend to gain knowledge on how to clean a deep fryer, which is also easy to do job when you know how to do it perfectly.