How to clean a deep fryer

How to Clean a Deep Fryer

How to Clean a Deep FryerIf you are found of deep fried food then it makes sense to purchase yourself one of the best home deep fryer that satisfy your frying needs. These home deep fryers not only add great convenience in your frying process but also make it easier to fry food without worrying about splattering of hot oil from inside.

Every time you use deep fryer for cooking, it automatically gets exposed to tiny dust particles in the air. When these particles come in contact with the body of deep fryer, they stick to the surface due to the presence of moisture on the surface of deep fryer and start forming a greasy layer on that. After using the deep fryer for 2 or 3 times, you start feeling that greasy layer on the body of deep fryer. When you get that feeling then it becomes obvious that you need to clean the deep fryer before this greasy layer becomes harder to clean.

Understanding how to clean a deep fryer is quite easy for most of the people as you use common ways to clean your deep fryer.

We have prepared this guide on cleaning your home deep fryer so that you can do this perfectly each time you clean a deep fryer.

Unplug you deep fryer and cool it down

First thing you need to do is to make sure that the deep fryer is powered off and it is unplugged from electric outlet. Furthermore, if you have just finished frying your meal then wait patiently until the temperature of oil is down to safer degree. As this can take up to 4 hours, so we would recommend you to plan this activity accordingly.

When you know how to clean a deep fryer in proper way, everything becomes fairly easy. You want to start things off by removing the detachable things of your deep fryer.

Remove lid and basket from the fryer

Most of the deep fryer comes with removeable lid, make sure to remove it and put it aside. You will need to follow the instructions given on user manual of your deep fryer. Next, take the frying basket(s) out from the fryer and place it to a safer place as these frying baskets may have dripping oil from the mesh grill.

Remove or drain all the oil

Next step is to remove the oil from the oil pot. You will need to lift heating element assembly from base and allow oil to drain into oil pot. Check the user manual of your deep fryer to confirm if your deep fryer has detachable heating element.

Some models of deep fryer have drainage spout through which oil can come out pretty easily. Use a large bottle or any can to store your oil coming out from the deep fryer. If the oil is recyclable, then place it at cool and dark place otherwise dispose the bottle in the garbage safely.

Now, Lift the oil pot from base of the deep fryer and pour out the remaining oil. You can use kitchen towel or tissue paper to wipe all excess oil from oil pot conveniently.

Clean left-over food particles from Oil Pot

You will notice that there are a lot of small and burnt particles still sticking to the base and sides of oil pot. There are left over from your food. Clean your oil pot from these left over food particles. You will need to use plastic spatula to scratch the stubborn particles from the surface of the frying pot. The plastic spatula will not damage the surface of frying pot.

Scrub inside using dish soap

Put enough drops of dishwashing liquid inside oil pot and gradually scrub the oil pot from base to the side walls. If you see that the leather is not forming good then add some more drops of the detergent inside and continue to scrub the oily surface of your oil pot. Keep scrubbing until the entire surface of the oil pot looks clean and oil free.

Clean Heating Assembly

Do not immerse heating element assembly in water. Use extra care while cleaning the heating element assembly to avoid damaging the deep fryer. Wipe it gently with soft and damp cloth with hot, soapy water.

Fill deep fryer with hot water

Now, fill the deep fryer with hot water. Make sure that you do not overfill the fryer. If you deep fryer has line markers for minimum and maximum oil capacity, then don’t fill above maximum line. This hot water will remove the oil from the difficult corners or areas of the deep fryer.

In case, you don’t have those oil markers then just fill the fryer up to its half capacity. Now wait for the water to cool off. In the meantime, you can move to the next step.

Scrub your frying basket

Cleaning the frying basket will take most of your time as a lot of food particle will be sticking between mesh wires of the basket. You can use a toothbrush or any other scrubbing brush to scrub those sticky food particles until they are completely off from the basket.

Use some drops of detergent and keep scrubbing the basket until the oil the also removed from its mesh. Now clean the soap using water and the dry it off using a paper towel. Leave it in open air until it is dried completely.

Wash or replace Deep fryer filter

If your deep fryer comes with a filter, then check its current state. If it is washable then wash the filter with detergent as well and dry it completely. Otherwise, replace the filter with new one. Make sure to dispose off the old filter in the garbage.

Clean base, lid and vent cover

Last step is to clean the outside base, lid and vent cover of the deep fryer with hot and soapy water. Dry them thoroughly once they are clean. Put the lid vertically to drain remaining water and allow it to dry thoroughly.

Take the water out from the fryer

Now, take out the water from deep fryer and check its surface to confirm if it is completely free from oil. Continue with one more round of scrubbing if you still feel the stickiness of oil on the surface of deep fryer.

Dry your deep fryer completely

Knowing how to clean a deep fryer will allow you to keep it in good state all the time. Make sure to dry all fryer components thoroughly before using them again for frying. Otherwise, it can cause eruptions and spatter of hot oil if use in wet state.

Using Dishwasher

Most of the home deep fryers recommend to NOT use the “SANI” setting when washing the components of deep fryer in the dishwasher. The temperature of “SANI” cycle could damage your product during washing process.


As you have more knowledge about how to clean a deep fryer, you should be able to do this quiet easily and in less time. If you make sure that you are doing this right, then you will find this task very simple and easy to do. Always store your home deep fryer in a clean space so that it remains clean and in healthy state till next deep frying. Happy cleaning.