How to work a deep fryer

How to work a Deep Fryer

Deep frying has become a popular cooking method that offers a flavorful and crispy taste to almost any type of food, be it vegetables or meat. In case you have got a deep fryer and wondering how to work a deep fryer then this article will guide you through all the information you need. You must utilize it correctly so that your food comes out crispy and in golden texture. You should also take correct security precautions in order to avoid oil spillage and burns.

Don’t worry, if you follow this article, how to work a deep fryer and set your fryer correctly, use these cooking methods, you can prepare tender and yummy fried food on your own.

Read the directions which came with your deep fryer. You will find various kinds of deep fryers in the marketplace and although most of them work similar to each there but there are some models which operate differently. Be sure you read the directions which came with the fryer so you’re aware of some particular things which you must do with your deep fryer.

Some deep fryers have a frying basket that you have to put together, or they come with a lid which you need to attach to the top of the fryer. Follow the instructions which came with the deep fryer and prepare the fryer, so it’s ready to be used.

In case you have an electric deep fryer, then make sure that you put it in a safe place. The electrical cord should not hang loosely and cause someone tripping over the cable; it may result in whole deep fryer to topple over someone and may severely burn or start a grease fire.

Buy food that is great for deep frying. A number of foods can be deep fried, but a few are more popular than others. One of the most frequent items to deep fry comprises chicken, potatoes, and fish. Most of the food will taste better if you coat it using an egg, chili, or breadcrumb coating on them before deep frying. You can also deep fry vegetables such as okra, tomatoes, and pickles.

What is the best deep fryer oil?

Peanut oil and canola oil are ideal for use in deep fryers as they have high smoke points. The smoke point is that the temperature where the oil begins to burn or break down and can make your food taste burnt. Other oils, such as olive oil, have a low smoke point and are not perfect to use in a deep fryer.

What to do before putting oil in a deep fryer?

Before pouring the oil into the deep fryer, make sure that the deep fryer is cool and turned off. Ensuring that the fryer is cool and turned off will eliminate the risk of hot oil from splashing on you. If your fryer includes a basket, then take it out from inside and place it aside before filling the deep fryer with oil.

You have to look at the oil container or basin and try to find the maximum and minimum fill line inside your deep fryer and make sure that you don’t overfill or underfill it. In case your fryer does not have these lines, then don’t fill it over half of the oil tank.

How do you know when oil is ready?

Some deep fryers come with built-in switch light, which shows that the deep fryer is turned on or off while others ask customers to manage this using the plug. Read the directions on the user manual which came with your fryer, to understand how to turn the switch on. In case your deep fryer includes a lid, then shut it while the oil preheats.

The ideal temperature to preheat your oil is usually between 325-375°F (163-191°C). In case your deep fryer has a built-in temperature controller, then set the dial to the appropriate temperature. If your fryer does not have one, then you may use a cooking thermometer to check the temperature. If you see smoke start coming out of your deep fryer with some oily smell as well, that indicates that you have overheated the oil. You will need to turn down the thermostat to cool down oil a bit; otherwise, your food will get burnt taste, and its texture will not look good. Some fryers in the market have an additional light, which indicates the ideal temperature of the oil. If it is on, this means that your deep fryer is ready for cooking.

Deep Fry Your Food

Keep patting your food to make it dry. Wet or moist food can get the oil to spit and bubble, possibly burning you. To Stop hot oil from splashing on you, make sure to tap down your meal with paper towels to remove access water on its surface.

Dip your food to the fryer gradually. Put your food in the basket carefully; make sure that all the food items are separated from each other so that they cannot stick together while frying. Slowing and carefully submerged the food into the fryer. In case your deep fryer does not have a basket, then use tongs or a slotted spoon to put food into the deep fryer. Be careful, and Don’t drop the food items into the fryer so that the oil doesn’t splash out from the fryer and hurt you. Avoid using plastic spoons or tongs while working with hot oil as they will melt quickly.

If your deep fryer has a lid, then place it on the top of the fryer while your food is cooking. It will keep the oil from splashing as well as control the odor of frying food.

Keep frying your food until it becomes golden brown. Different foods have different frying times, so make sure that you are following the recipe for your food. Keep an eye on your meals to be sure it does not burn. You can have an idea if the food is about to cook or not by lifting the basket from oil and check its texture or use tongs to test by the appearance of the food. Don’t try to touch the food this time as it will be extremely hot.

Most food will be deep fried in about 15-18 minutes. In case you’ve got a great deal of food, then fry it in separate batches. Don’t overcrowd the fryer anytime, as your food will remain under cooked due to low temperature or shortage of oil as compared to the food inside.

Remove the basket from the fryer or take the food from the oil using a slotted spoon or tongs. Make sure to shake the food well so that all the excess oil is removed from the food. You can also put them on a paper towel to dry them further. Wait patiently for your food to cool down a bit before eating; otherwise, it will burn your mouth or tongue.

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